The role of the parent in Montessori education

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February 20, 2015
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February 20, 2015

The role of the parent in Montessori education

As a parent you want not to just teach your child, but to prepare him for life.  Dr. Montessori’s scientific observation of young children led to her discovery that they are motivated by an inner guidance at specific periods in their early lives which leads to self-directed learning.  By observing your child, determining his needs, and making activities available to him, you will be assisting in his self-development.  Montessori called this “following the child”.  There are several ways you can do this:

Observe:  Listen to and watch your child carefully and be alert to changes in his interests.  Make activities available to him based on his cues.  For example, if he becomes fascinated with water, make water play activities available to him, such as pouring and sponging.

Facilitate:  Slowly and with as little speaking as necessary, demonstrate for your child how to do an activity. Rather than just giving him the tools and letting him succeed or fail, demonstrating will help your child achieve his goals.  Your job is to show your child the correct way to pour the water so that he will have a greater chance of success.

Prepare the Environment:  Set up your home or your child’s space with his interests in mind.  The materials and activities that he uses should be set out in an orderly manner and be pleasing to his eye.  Make activities easy for him to access without your help.

Show Respect: Give your child the freedom to choose the activities he wants to do.  Allow him to use an activity for as long as he wants to and avoid interfering with his work, criticizing, or interrupting his concentration.  Show respect for his independence.

Be a Role Model: You are the most important person in your child’s life and he wants to be just like you.  By living the values and behavior you want your child to learn, you are teaching by example.

The Montessori Method prepares children for life by helping them reach their fullest potential at their own unique pace.

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