All pupils in elementary do the same set of subjects

Welcome to our Elementary Section tour

Our students in the Elementary school section of Oakwood Montessori are exposed to activities designed to cater for their psychological, emotional, social and mental needs.
They are encouraged to participate and compete in a wide range of activities with a view to building their confidence and developing their talents, In a highly conducive environment for adequate interaction with both their peers and our staff.


All pupils in elementary do the same set of subjects.

Reading - Our aim is to cultivate a life-long love of reading, which we foster by helping our children become competent readers. Regardless of reading level, our children are encouraged to infer, analyze and make predictions based on the text through the use of a variety of teaching strategies that include guided reading, independent reading, circle time. etc.

Speaking - Our aim is to develop children’s appreciation and understanding of the spoken word. Our children learn to express themselves comfortably and effectively through a range of speaking and listening opportunities which include reading aloud, sharing stories, reciting poems, debates and drama.

Writing - Our aim is to develop our children’s ability to effectively communicate through creative writing, and research-based writing. Through a systematic program, our children are taught strategies and skills for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

This is split into (1) Geography and (ii) History

Geography - Our children are encouraged to explore the world and how it evolved. They study the Geographical themes such as:

  • Continents
  • Countries
  • Environmental changes
  • Settlements
  • Weather
  • Map reading
  • Geographical vocabulary
  • Field works

History - Children are given opportunities to develop an awareness of the past by comparing and contrasting it with the present. Children are introduced to the following:

  • Awareness of the past through stories
  • Historical artifacts and pictures
  • Early men
  • World famous people
  • Famous Historical events, festivals and celebrations

Children are encouraged to express themselves through a variety of 2D and 3D media such as pencils, pens, ink, paints, chalks, charcoal, pastel, clay and fabrics.

They work from direct experiences, imaginations and recall.

Through art and design children make valued judgment thereby becoming actively involved in shaping their environments.

Children are encouraged to be involved in at least one co-curricular activity, some of the activites are:
  • Cub Scout
  • Red Cross
  • Taekwondo
  • Ballet
  • Art and Craft
  • Swimming
  • Piano Lesson
  • Mad Science
  • Drama club
  • French club

Children enjoy the following during P.E.

  • Skipping
  • Athletics
  • Rounder
  • Ball Games
  • Children are taught to love God and their neighbours.


    I’m so grateful and proud that I have Oakwood

    I’ve had my daughter Natalia in oakwood since last year and I must say its been a very wonderful experience. one thing that  particularly strike me about oakwood is the environment, very clean environment. And I have also seen reasonable improvement in  Natalia’s speech she doesn’t speak very fast at first  but since I’ve brought her to oakwood that has improved and also the way she eats she eats well eats beans that wasn’t the case at first. I’m so grateful and proud that I have oakwood. So if you are looking for any great place to bring your kids to, I will definitely recommend Oakwood  

    Kids are properly taken care of

    I’m a parent in Oakwood Montessori School I have three kids here and I must say Oakwood has been wonderful we’ve here for seven years and its been an awesome experience because my kids are very fluent, the way they speak people ask me which school are they in and I keep wondering because its been an awesome experience the kids are so good and they teach them well. I see it in what they do I recommend this school to all parents they have to be here when they come to school they will even love what they use in the school the welfare is okay the environment is clean the classroom is well ventilated the kids are properly taken care of. I recommend this school to any parent out there. Thank you very much.

    My experience so far has been awesome

    I have three children in Oakwood. Oakwood is a wonderful school my experience so far has been awesome. We’ve seen them go from grass to grace continuous development, children are seen to be growing. You can see it in their exposures and everything they do Oakwood to me is a school I will recommend for every parent with children they have all it takes in terms of respect and in terms of development for the kids and as far as I am concern it’s the number one and only Montessori school in Lagos and this experience has been wonderful so far for my children. Thank you

    They take discipline seriously

    I have two kids in Oakwood Montessori school and I remembered when we moved to Surulere and I was looking for a school for my kids, the first I checked was Oakwood Montessori school for me there is an issue with the school they spoil you for other schools. I went to other schools but none seem to meet up so I ended up coming to Oakwood. Something particular about the school is discipline you get to a lot of school because you pay a lot or because its high brand or its inviting high class you find out that discipline among the kids is not there but in Oakwood that’s not the story, the kids are very important to them they take discipline seriously

    Oakwood is the place to be

    I’m a parent of Oakwood Montessori school I have two children here. I have been a parent in Oakwood for over nine years and it's been a nice experience my son was having speech problem he wasn’t talking and that was a very big concern. When I brought him to Oakwood within two to three month he started talking I was so proud, very happy and travelling with him was a wonderful experience he was able to read bill boards he was able to do things amazingly things that ordinary children in his age wouldn’t have done. Oakwood is the place to be and you will never regret it.

    I wouldn’t recommend a better foundation

    I’ve been an Oakwood parent for over eight years, it's been an amazing experience. I wouldn’t recommend a better foundation for anybody’s kid, my kids are smart, they are well taught, when talking about manners, academically it’s just a sound school. To me Oakwood is a big family and for me that’s what I want for my kids and what I will recommend for everyone.

    Oakwood is family for me

    I am a parent of Oakwood we came here about three years back and it has been a great experience. Oakwood is family for me because they stand for excellence. They believe in the best production of great children. I can to confirm to incoming parents that Oakwood is an internationally based school they go all out to get materials they use for the school. As a Montessori school, they also send their teachers for training and invite health workers and some other international bodies to monitor and to make sure that the school meets up to their standards and their mission is met. Thank you

    They don’t compromise on their standards

    I am a pioneer member of Oakwood Montessori school my son finished here and my daughter is here. Mrs Nzewi the proprietress is a mother for this children whenever I have issues I walk into her office unlike every other schools where you don’t get to see the head of the school. You can walk up to her she has listening hears you will she action taken immediately. My son left here and he still talks about Oakwood over and over again he is now in SSS3. They don’t compromise on their standards.

    When my kids go out people keep asking which school they go to

    I have three kids here in Oakwood. Oakwood is a fantastic school to be. When I was looking for a school for my kids I went round and round but when I got to the school I fell in love with the school. Everything is on point. From the teachers, the reception everything is perfect. When my kids go out people keep asking which school they go to because when they speak people keep wondering. The training they give them here is just all round it cut across including their moral. Oakwood is a place to be.

    Academically I will say Oakwood is just it

    I have two kids in Oakwood Montessori school. I will say Oakwood Montessori school is the best school to take your child to. When you step into Oakwood you will know you are in the right place. Academically I will say Oakwood is just it. When I brought my kids here, in a couples of months there was a big difference everyone noticed the difference. The way they talk, eat and the way they interact with people, they also pray I was really impressed. I will recommend Oakwood Montessori School to any parents looking for a good school for their children. Thank you

    I was really amazed

    I have three lovely kids in this school. My kids had attended schools for a while in the Uk when we got back I was worried if I will be able to get a good school for them in Nigeria. When I got to Oakwood I was very particular because in my head I was already comparing what I was hearing to what I know is obtainable in the UK. The other day my six years old son came home and he was telling me about Hercules I was really amazed because I know what age I was before I knew about Hercules.

    I will like to say I am happy to be part of this wonderful family

    I have three kids here, but I will like to say I am happy to be part of this wonderful family. It’s not only about enrolling my kids in this school it’s about everybody having one heart. Last year my son was diagnosed of neuroblastoma a type of kidney cancer. The proprietress came to me and promised me prayers and they kept calling to know how my child was doing. The surgery was successful I know it’s not by my own prayers but that of the staffs and the innocent children. My parents were asking me which type of school is this they are just like family.
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