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We know that choosing a Montessori School for your child is one of the most important decisions you have to make

We are very pleased to offer you this opportunity to see our provisions for the children who come to our school. We believe in the infinite potential of every child. The process of learning has no upper limits. In our school we value all our pupils equally and expect them to achieve success and in most cases at the highest possible level.

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Our classrooms adapt to the individual learning needs of each child


Aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully arranged classrooms


Your child’s access to specially designed Montessori learning materials


Our staff are experienced and qualified Montessori practitioners


We understand that the foundation of a child’s education is of utmost importance, hence our Pre-school section provides the essential foundation education to children in their early years. See more.

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Our children in the Elementary school are exposed to tailored activities designed to cater for their psychological, emotional, social and mental needs. They are encouraged to participate and compete…

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Parents Testimonials

I have seen reasonable improvement in  Natalia’s speech, she doesn’t speak very fast at first but since I’ve brought her to oakwood that has improved.

My kids are very fluent, the way they speak people ask me what school are they in and I keep wondering.  The kids are so good and they are well taught.

They have all it takes in terms of respect and development for the kids and as far as I am concerned it’s the number one and only Montessori school in Lagos.

You get to a lot of schools but because you pay a lot of money or because its highbrow, you find out that discipline among the kids is not there but in Oakwood, that’s not the story.

My son was having a speech problem he wasn’t talking and that was a very big concern. When I brought him to Oakwood within two to three month he started talking I was so proud.

My kids are smart, they are well taught, when talking about manners, academically it’s just a sound school. To me, Oakwood is a big family and for me, that’s what I want for my kids.

Oakwood is an internationally based school as they go all out to get materials they use for the school, send their teachers for training and invite health workers and some other international bodies to monitor and to make sure that the school meets up to their standards.

Mrs. Nzewi the proprietress is a mother for these children, whenever I have issues I walk into her office, unlike every other school where you don’t get to see the head of the school. You can walk up to her, she has listening hears and you will see action taken immediately.

When I got to the school, I fell in love with the school. Everything is on point. From the teachers, the reception everything is perfect. The training they give them here is just all around, it cut across including their moral.

When I brought my kids here, in a couple of months there was a big difference and everyone noticed the difference. The way they talk, pray, eat and the way they interact with people, I was really impressed.

My kids had attended school for a while in the Uk and when we got back I was worried if I will be able to get a good school for them in Nigeria. My six-year-old son proved me wrong. I am really amazed

Last year my son was diagnosed with neuroblastoma a type of kidney cancer. The proprietress came to me and promised me prayers and they kept calling to know how my child was doing. The surgery was successful, I know it’s not by my own prayers but that of the staffs and the innocent children.
Mrs. Mustapha
Mrs. Atugboko
Mrs. Edokpolor
Mrs. Adedayo
Mrs. Ofoegbu
Mrs. Yemi
Mrs. Anozie
Mrs. Adams
Mrs. Ibok
Mrs. Nkechi
Mrs. Nonye
Mrs. Okoli

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