Montessori and Music: Nurturing a Melodic Education

Montessori and Music: Nurturing a Melodic Education

At Oakwood Montessori School, we believe in the harmonious development of every child, and that’s why music plays a key role in our Montessori education journey. Beyond just notes and rhythms, our approach to music education resonates deeply with the principles of Maria Montessori, enriching young minds in ways that extend far beyond the classroom.

A Symphony Of Learning

Music isn’t just an extracurricular activity at Oakwood Montessori; it’s an integral part of our curriculum. Through carefully curated experiences, our students embark on a melodic journey that stimulates creativity, enhances cognitive development, and fosters emotional expression.

The Montessori Music Environment

Our classrooms are filled with the melodies of curiosity and exploration. Using a wide array of instruments, from simple percussion to intricate strings, students engage in hands-on musical experiences. These interactions nurture their sense of rhythm, fine-tune their motor skills, and foster an appreciation for the beauty of sound.

Melodies and Mindfulness

Music serves as a powerful tool for emotional development. At Oakwood Montessori, we embrace music’s capacity to express feelings, encouraging children to use notes and tunes to communicate their emotions in a safe and creative way. Through music, our students learn to recognize and manage their emotions while cultivating a sense of empathy.

The Science of Sound

Our Montessori music education isn’t just about playing instruments; it’s also about understanding the science behind the melodies. Students explore concepts of pitch, tone, and harmony, developing a deep appreciation for the physics of sound that underlie every musical masterpiece.

Collaborative Crescendos

Music is a universal language that brings people together. Our students learn the value of collaboration and teamwork as they create harmonious melodies with their peers. Through ensemble performances and group activities, they develop social skills, communication, and a sense of community.

A Lifetime of Melodies

At Oakwood Montessori School, we recognize that music is an education that lasts a lifetime. Beyond honing musical skills, our students gain qualities like discipline, patience, and perseverance that enrich their overall learning experience.


As your child’s journey at Oakwood Montessori unfolds, music becomes an intrinsic part of their story. From building a strong foundation in rhythm to fostering a lifelong love for the arts, our music education program echoes the holistic Montessori approach to education. Experience the harmony of Montessori and music as we nurture creativity, emotional intelligence, and cognitive development. Discover how our unique curriculum strikes a chord with students, creating a symphony of growth, learning, and joy. Explore our Montessori music education and witness the transformative power of melodies in your child’s educational journey.



Irene is not just a writer but a literary enchantress, weaving magic with her pen to inspire young hearts and minds at Oakwood Montessori School. With a passion for education and a love for storytelling, she has become an integral part of our school community.

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